About Us

Established in 1987, Malhacan Rural Waterworks and Sanitation Association (MRWSA) was founded on the simple premise of honest, sincere and dedicated passion to deliver the best possible services. It wasn't about the money - it was about something much bigger.To be part of a successful organization that is always striving to learn, improve and enhance our member's experiences. Each member of our growing team of dedicated professionals has that same desire to do the very best and to provide safety and peace of mind to those we serve.

Our humble beginnings took place when MRWSA start to operate in 1987. Beginning with one well, 8 employees and 7 Board of Directors.It didn't happen overnight. It took years of honest, dedicated and hard work. July 12, 2001, MRWSA registered as a Cooperative and it become Malhacan Rural Waterworks Multi Purpose Cooperative (MRWMPC). Our success stems from remaining open to new ideas, challenging what and how we do things, seeking out new technologies, new methods, new products and remaining flexible to meet the ever changing demands of our clients.

Our Water Refilling started in 2008, with 1 motorcycle service and 3 employees. We believe that what truly set us apart are the incredible strengths of our team members. We build upon the unique talents and passions of each team member by encouraging professional growth.

Now we have 5 working wells, 15 quality employees and 1,499 dedicated members. We bring our commitment, our selflessness and drive to our members. We look forward to working with you to demonstrate our passion in a way that will help you understand what we mean when we describe what it is that we really offer: safety and clean water.